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Bugs, flies, fleas, mosquitoes and spiders. Are you looking for ways other than chemicals or fog to deal with bugs? Here are a few everyday plants that you can grow inside or outside the home that keep critters away.

From a real estate value perspective, many of these plants smell great which makes your home inviting. When used correctly, plants like lavender and marigold offer a beautiful punch of colour to brighten any space.

A second trick I recommend is use portable pots when you begin growing these plants. This way you can move the plants to the areas you frequent most and can be placed throughout your yard to help with curb appeal. 

All these plants are easily found at your local garden centre for a reasonable cost.

For more information about each plant I have highlighted, click on the links below for tips on how to grow, plus other helpful uses, such as making your food taste great.

I hope you find this information useful and when applied, help keep the critters away.


Not only does this plant smell and look great, it keeps moths, fleas, flies and mosquitoes away. In Mississauga, Ontario, lavender can be challenging to grow. Lavender plants like a lot of sun, space to spread, good drainage and limited watering. With the ability to keep a number bugs away, the reward is worth the challenge of growing the plant. 


Not only is basil a great plant to cook with to make your food taste and look great, it keeps mosquitoes and houseflies away. Basil is easily grown in a garden bed or pot so suitable for those in an apartments. All it needs a pot with moist soil, good drainage and a full sun for 6-8 hours. Pinch off the flower heads so that the leaves continue to grow. 


Do not mistake this plant for the pesky “dandelion” that covers our lawn in the summer. Marigold is a bright  flower that keeps mosquitoes and aphids away.  It is very hardy and can tolerate full sun. 


This is a great plant to grow in your garden. It is easy to grow from seed. Let’s be honest, who has not watched a silly cat video on youtube? Aside from making your cat do funny things, this plant keeps mosquitoes away. Now, isn’t that fantastic!


Peppermint is a name you must know. It is a popular flavour for toothpaste and chewing gum. Aside from making your breath smell great, peppermint tea can be used to help with indigestion and bloating. Plus, it can ease a cold by acting as a  decongestant.  Peppermint keep spiders, mosquitoes and ants away! 


Again, another fine plant that has much to offer.  It improves the flavour of your food or tea, and can be burnt as incense. If you have a pet at home, you might worry about fleas and ticks. Well,  grow some rosemary as it helps keep both fleas and ticks at away.

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